Sold under the label Twelve Spirits, our rare rums are unique blends, created by our Cellar Master.


Blend of 3 distilleries highly representative of their respective islands : Jamaica and Barbados. Noteworthingly these 3 molasse rums have been distilled in pot stills. Assembly: 35% M, 25% WP, 40% FS / 63% vol.

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Unique assembly combining elegance and delicacy. Magnificent rum for enlightened amateurs. This bottle is born from a desire to reunite both islands. This mariage has been a true pleasure. Bottled at natural degree, this bottle will amaze you. Assembly: 40% RDM, 30% WP, 20% M, 10% H / 43.5% vol.

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Assembly of rums coming from Jamaica and British Guiana. Resolutely british, reworked to become a rich and complex product. Bottled at its natural degree. A gourmet touch of sugar brought by the Guiana side tempers the powerful character of Jamaica. Assembly: 40% DDL, 30% WP, 20% M, 10% H / 63.5% vol.

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Blend of molasses rums. The Jamaican rum comes from a pot still whereas the 55% of Nicaraguan was made using a column still. Aged in part in the tropics and lightly sweetened at 7 grammes per liter. Assembly: 25% WP, 20% M, 55% CLN / 43.5% vol.

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