Twelve Barbade Jamaïque is an assembly made in Laguiole by Florent Caston. Six barrels from 3 distilleries highly representative of their respective islands have been used. They first aged under the tropics, then in Aubrac. The blending has been bottled directly. Noteworthingly these 3 molasse rums have been distilled in pot stills.

Assembly: 35% M, 25% WP, 40% FS

63% vol.





Funky and gourmet at the same time, generous but wild, condensed but pleasant. The exotic fruits are more than ripe. Their flesh deploys fragrances without any false modesty. The whole thing is caressed by pastry spices as in a Christmas gingerbread. The airing gives tranquility, the rum covers itself with soft vegetal notes. Some coconut fragrances reassure even more, confirming that furious tropical notes may live together with a certain sweetness of life.


Sticky, invading. Initially round, the flavors seem to grow in power endlessly. Exotic fruits are in an intense vibrating state, they just have to melt into a condensed sirup. The final is more quiet, stabilizing on soft vanilla.