Twelve Nicaragua Jamaïque is a rum assembled in the distillery of Aubrac by Florent Caston, cellar master. Selected barrels were imported by Florent to enhance the aging process initiated in the tropics.  Blend of molasses rums.   The Jamaican rum comes from a pot still whereas the 55% of Nicaraguan was made using a column still.  Lightly sweetened at 7 grammes per liter.

Assembly: 25% WP, 20% M, 55% CLN

43.5% vol.





Deep, fruity Jamaican fragrances dominate, as usual, without overwhelming the other perfumes: delicately creamy fruits like blackberries and crushed strawberry. Letting the rum breath reveals the blend’s unexpected coupling between these exotic fruits and fresh minty coolness. Without resistance, the perfect association carries us away.


At first delicately sweet, almost creamy, the flavor crescendos slowly but surely into an array of very ripe exotic fruits before becoming round and fatty, completed by a subtle, sharp edge. The middle is savory, somewhat resinous, with hints of almond and fruit stone liqueur. The finale is warm and particularly tasty, almost sugary, with an enduring note of licorice.