It is in Laguiole, a small village of Aubrac in northern Aveyron at an altitude of 1000 meters, that twelve friends decided to create their whisky distillery. They put the brewery and the still inside the old Presbytery of Angels. Soon after, they transformed the former convent of Laguiole into a whisky ageing cellar.


The presbytery was built more than 300 years ago using stones from Laguiole’s defensive fortress. The site offers a panoramic view of Aubrac and an exceptional look at the village. Souvenirs of the region’s volcanic origins, basalt organs surround the presbytery, a historic building occupied until 2004. Left to ruin, the site was an obvious choice for building the brewery and the distillery.


A cross depicting the Virgin Mary surrounded by two angels holding a crown on one side and the crucifixion on the other can be seen on the corner of the convent. The convent’s granite and basalt stones recall the Presbytery of Angels. Today the convent is where we age our whisky. It is also where visitors can taste our products.